From the archives...


...i really have a lack of inspiration at the moment. That's a shot from new years eve this year - i shot myself in front of an old shelf at my sisters home.

We had damn stormy weather and i tried to shoot a few landscape shots with amazing skies today - but it was far to windy to even stand still. Blew away everything. So no photos of the storm :(

Anyway im looking forward to the next week - awaiting my new Black Rapid R-Strap and a new 8GB CF Card :) I hope inspiration will be back when were going to California soon :) IT SIMPLY HAS TO!

Have a great week everybody!


Le Tigre, ursprünglich hochgeladen von marc.w

Yep finally i started to write a blog. Not that i have got enough sites on the web like flickr, the own website and a profile on twitter...! The intention of that blog is to post shots i wont post on flickr and the main use of it is writing a travelling logbook when were doing our trip to California this march.

I called this first post introduction cause id like to introduce the 3 participants of this trip. We have planned this for a long time now but its quite hard to arrange yourselfs when everybody is working - kinda hard to coordinate the holidays of three people! But finally we've made it and leaving on the 29th of march to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. The route were taking from there on is not quite planed right now - but we will :)

So here weg go with the first participant - ME! Basicly im a sales Manager at a german printshop near Mannheim - i love photography and i think theres nothing more to add for now! :) above you can see a shot of me doing the famous "Le Tigre"...!

The next mate is going to be realeased in the middle of february -  so stay excited till then!