Meet the Flickrs – meet ng.kelven

19. September 2010

Am heutigen Sonntag, das letzte Flickr Meetup ist schon etwas her, möchte ich gerne ng.kelven vorstellen. Er kommt aus Vancouver, Canada und wurde von meinem letzten Bloggast _Arshia_ vorgeschlagen. Hier nun ein kleiner Einblick in seine Fotos und seinen Flickr-Account – viel Spaß!

Q: Give us a Quick description of yourself and where you come from and what you do outside the flickr life?
A: I live in the great white north in Vancouver, Canada. As for what I do, I am a chartered accountant. Outside of work though, photography, hockey, and eating are three of my greatest passions!

Q: How did you meet Flickr the first time?
A: I think it was through a link to a picture that was hosted here…

[141/365] Comfort in Style

Q: At what age you got started with photography? And why?
A: I started using a digital slr about 1.5 years ago. My friend had a Canon XS and the picture he took with his 50mm f1.8 just stunned me. I didn’t think that the picture quality and depth of field could come out so different compared to a point and shoot. Since then, I got my own and haven’t looked back!

Q: What are the main reasons for your interest in photography?
A: I have always been intrigued with design and I like things that look good aesthetically. That interest translated into an interest in web design, photography, and design products (unfortunately making me a bit of a stickler for brand names).

[132/365] The Sound of Music

Q: What Equipment you are using?
A: Good thing you weren’t asking which gear I have used… I currently have a Canon 5D Mark II (far beyond my skill level) for a body and my lenses consist of:
Canon 35mm F1.4 L
Canon 135mm F2.0 L
Carls Zeiss 21mm F2.8 ZE Distagon

Q: Whats your favorite Lens?
A: Hard to say, I love all three. My 35mm is my most used though because of its versatility and focal length. I am a depth of field guy though… so the F1.4 helps in that regard.

Q: Can you name your favourite photographer? Maybe a famous one?
A: I am not in tune with famous photographers around the world, so my favorite photographers are those contacts that I have on flickr. There are some amazingly talented photographers here (many of which are professional already).

Q: whats your favourite contact on flickr? And why?
A: That is a tough question because I have a few that I follow very closely. If I had to name a few that I follow on a day to day basis and are always a source of inspiration I would say… Callissa, Pavicha, _Arshia_, and isayx3.

Q: Have you got any real-life friends using flickr?
A: Not anyone that I knew before flickr. Since using flickr though, there are some contacts that I would consider a friend and wouldn’t hesitate to hang out with on a photowalk or grabbing a cup of coffee.

Thanks a lot for the interesting interview and many greets to Canada 🙂

Hier gibts die Profilseite von ng.kelven: Flickr Fotostream ng.kelven